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A New Recipe for a New Blog

For the last few months I’ve felt like it was time for a change. I didn’t know what kind of change so I did what most twenty somethings living in a faltering economy would do. I ignored it and stayed at my job. Well it would seem that reality didn’t agree with my cowardly attempt at procrastination and I found myself unable to avoid the oncoming rush of change. So after a few days of worrying I decided that this wasn’t a curse. I can either freak out and maintain my status quo or I can reach out and change my life. I have a culinary degree that I hardly use, a passion for writing, and a list of things that I’m afraid to try. Why not combine the three and have some fun in the process.

In honor of my new blog I decided to cook something I’ve never made before. I thought for a few days about what I could make and finally, while I was wandering around the Farmers Market, it came to me. I passed by the oxtails and couldn’t help but think about the few times I’d had oxtail before. immediately I remembered traveling with my family and the first time I tried the rich, warm, sticky meat. So I bought a few pounds and put them in my cart. Once I got home the tricky part started. How the heck was I going to cook these things? I didn’t want something that would hide the flavor and I really didn’t want to make a stew. I also really wanted to make something that was inexpensive and simple. This recipe is the result of my first attempt at braised ox tail. I’m pleased with the results and I hope you will be too.

With out further ado I present…

Guinness Braised Oxtail with Tagliatelle Pasta

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